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Friday Favourites – Book Bromances

Greetings, Geekys!

Apologies for missing last week’s Friday Favourites! I still don’t have consistent, good internet, but I’m working with what I can.

If you don’t already know, a Friday Favourites is a weekly post where I chat about my favourites things of a certain topic. Everyone is welcome to join and you can find more information at Friday Favourites.

Book Bromances

This week the prompt is book bromances. Ah, bromances. I love reading about close friends, who are that, nothing more than friends. Especially the one’s filled with banter and fun.

Sherlock and Watson

The Complete Sherlock Holmes book cover

Frodo and Sam

The Lord of the Rings trilogy book covers

Spider-Man and Deadpool

Spider-Man and Deadpool book cover

Darrow and Sevro

Red Rising book cover


Don’t forget to let me know so I can update this list! I stumbled across two last week, and I’m worried I might’ve missed some. If I did miss you, just let me know. I don’t get notified when someone links me!

The Tsundoku Chronicles

You can find previous Friday Favourites posts at #FridayFavourites if you’re interested in checking out what others have done!

Who are amongst your favourite bromances?

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2 years ago

Yess frodo and sam! Everyone needs a friend like sam!

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